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It is very important to select the proper domain name. What’s in a domain. Your brand, your personality and many other factors.  A great domain should communicate your brand, service, or product and be no more than 18 characters long. The best domains are TLD’s. Top Level domains. These are domains that end in .com, .net and .org.

The most common TLD is of course one that ends in .com.  However if you’re an organization or non-profit you would want to stick with .org. Government agencies can obtain a .gov TLD and any learning institution can obtain a .edu TLD if they complete and pass the EDU eligibility requirements.

The next step is to check and see if you’re domain name is available. If the name you want is available, the next thing to do is secure that domain.

There are many other factors that should go into selecting a domain. Wiedermarketing is happy to consult with you prior to ordering a domain name. KWD (key word domains) used to be very popular and can still help with SERPs however Google’s latest update in late 2012 affected thin content and affiliate sites with KWD.

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