How to Get Inernet Marketing Services for Just $5

Sounds Crazy. Internet Marketing Services for Just $5 (yep, 5 bucks). We all know that content is king. You must have good info and lots of it if you want your web site to be found by the search engines, let alone humans. So, you’ve selected the right theme, the right colors, your menu placement, where everything goes. Excellent, your web site looks wonderful; your products and services are great, your open for business. Wait, where is all the traffic. No orders, no leads, only a trickle of interest. What a bummer. How do I get people to notice my web site.

Fiverr Blueprint for Internet MarketingWe can put up the best billboard in the world but if it’s in the middle of the Sahara Desert, no one is going to see it. Hmm.. great web site, wonderful products and services, but no traffic. Time to start the Internet Marketing portion of your business.

Everyone needs articles written, video’s made, Facebook account created, “Likes”, twitter accounts, “Tweets”, a Youtube account, “Video’s”, Onlywire account, Tweetdeck,,, Klout and “+K’s”, Pinterest and whatever else comes along next year… oh my, what is all that stuff.

How’s a new internet business supposed to get all this done so the site can be found and visited by people interested in the products and services? Fiverr to the rescue. Anyone else want to get articles, scripts, logos, video’s, social network account creation, bookmarking serivces and much more done for you for only $5?  How about hiring a virtual assistant for an hour or two, for $5.

Many internet marketing professionals use fiverr to outsource their work and so can you. It’s easy to do and easy to learn, but mistakes can be costly.  So how do you know what gigs to get.  Fiverr is a web site that helps you find outsource resources for only $5 per job, they call them Gigs. Now you can get the latest information used by many of the top successfully internet marketers. Get $5 logos, $5 Graphic Design, $5 Videos, $5 social network account creation, $5 scripts, $5 infographics, $5 custom songs and much more.

Get complete details with the latest fiverr blueprint.


Now you can watch as a fully configured campaign gets created from scratch to completion with traffic all being built with complete DIY video tutorials week by week. Building your Internet business doesn’t get any easier than having your own $5 outsourcing partner. Avoid the snake pit that Fiverr can be without good orderly direction. This is not theory, this is a live campaign that was built during the production of this course.

Get complete details with the latest fiverr blueprint.

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How to Rank #1 in Google SERPs, A Matt Cutts Video

Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam for Google has a very popular blog and often gives advice about how to rank #1 in Google by answering questions in a video. The video below is a mashed up parody which I find hilarious. The video shows how crazy webmasters have become at trying to game Google to get to the #1 SERP for a keyword.

You can get an idea about how popular Matt Cutts’ advice is when you see that as of this writing over 191,000 people follow Matt’s Google+ profile and his Klout Score is an outstanding 74.  If you like this article, add me to your Klout influencers.


Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Whatever the case,  let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below.

To check out some of  the real Matt Cutts videos, you can visit his personal YouTube page.